Episode 10

Published on:

12th Mar 2024

The Radical Choice: Transforming Marriage Against All Odds with Tony DiLorenzo

Tony DiLorenzo, Co-Founder of ONE Extraordinary Marriage, takes us on a really inspiring journey from the brink of divorce to creating a thriving, extraordinary relationship with his wife, Alisa. Tony shares some very personal struggles and breakthroughs they experienced in their marriage, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the transformation that's possible with commitment and radical change. Tony introduces the six pillars of intimacy, a revolutionary framework developed through his work at ONE Extraordinary Marriage, designed to strengthen and deepen the bonds of marriage. This episode isn't just a story of personal triumph; it's proof of the strength of intentional love and the actionable steps couples can take to achieve their own extraordinary marriage. Join us as Tony DiLorenzo guides us through the lessons learned and the strategies that have helped couples worldwide navigate the journey toward enduring love and intimacy.


  • 00:00:00 - Meet Tony DiLorenzo, Co-Founder of ONE Extraordinary Marriage
  • 00:01:10 - Unveiling the Mission Behind ONE Extraordinary Marriage
  • 00:05:07 - Origins: The Start of Our Journey to Extraordinary Marriage
  • 00:07:20 - The Wide-Reaching Impact of Our Work on Marriages Worldwide
  • 00:18:50 - Exploring the Six Pillars of Intimacy Framework
  • 00:21:53 - Looking Ahead: The Expanding Horizon of ONE Extraordinary Marriage
  • 00:26:54 - Embracing Boldness in Marriage and Beyond
  • 00:27:05 - Strengthening Bonds Through Strategic Partnerships
  • 00:27:30 - The Inspiring Process of Writing Life-Changing Books 
  • 00:29:31 - Crafting a Vision for the Future of ONE Extraordinary Marriage
  • 00:31:29 - Reflecting on How Partnerships Have Fueled Our Growth
  • 00:33:27 - Harnessing the Power of Collaboration for Mutual Success
  • 00:37:11 - Utilizing Amazon Associates for Business Enhancement
  • 00:40:15 - The Art and Benefit of Cross-Pollinating Audiences
  • 00:42:04 - Maximizing Affiliate Partnerships for Business Advancement
  • 00:44:40 - Recounting the Wins Brought by Meaningful Collaborations
  • 00:47:12 - Projecting Future Goals for Both Business and Personal Growth
  • 00:49:34 - Wrapping Up: The Transformative Influence of Partnerships

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